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Portugal Jewish Heritage

Jewish Heritage

In the 15th century, Portugal became an important center of Sephardic culture, providing shelter for the great Jewish intellectuals of the period. Jewish Philosophers, scientist and artist made numerous contributions to Portugal, especially in area vita to Portugal's goals of discovery including cartography, mathematics and medicine. Visitors interested in Jewish heritage will find a large number of Jewish quarters and historic sites throughout Portugal.

LISBON: Two historic synagogues, including Share'-Tikva' (Door of Hope)

PORTO: Site of important Jewish achievements, including historic community newspaper, "Ha-Lapid."

BELMONTE: Site of historic Jewish quarter, Belmonte is notable for its Jewish community

TOMAR: Visit the Museum Luso-Hebraico de Abraham Zacuto, a museum housed in one of the oldest synagogues in Portugal, built in 1430.

EVORA: View Hebrew manuscripts in the Public Library and Jewish artifacts at the regional Museum.

CASTELO DE VIDE: This town contains a Jewish quarter and a 13th century synagogue.

The Publication, THE JEWS IN PORTUGAL, is available free of charge from the Portuguese National Tourists Office. Call, 800-Portugal (767-8842)