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Discover Portugal
Sometimes conquered, sometimes the Conqueror, Portugal is a mix of time periods and cultures.......

Explore the influences of the Phoenicians, Romans, Moors and Celts. From 1400 to 1600, Portugal's Golden Age emerged, as it became a worldly power Developing territories in South America, Africa, India and Asia. Portugal recently relinquished the last of those colonies in 1975. Today, Portugal is a predominately Roman Catholic Republic whose economy is driven by industry, agriculture and tourism.


Traces of this worldwide historic presence may be seen as trademarks of the Portuguese genius. The Portuguese language became one of the most widely spoken in the world, and the Portuguese people were privileged for being exposed to so many different civilizations. The vast monumental, artistic and archaeological heritage does witness not only the 850 years of history of encounters with distant cultures, but also the presence in the territory of more ancient peoples (Celts, Suevians, Visigoths, Romans and Arabs).

The natural advantages of a sunny country with such diverse geographic features have turned Portugal into a chosen destination for many holiday makers, an ideal place for practicing water sports and playing golf, offering modern tourism facilities, and quaint and personalized means of accommodations

A member-country of the European Union since 1986, Portugal currently enjoys a steady economic growth. For centuries Portugal has kept the greatest treasure of a renowned reputation for hospitality that makes the country a haven of congeniality and safety.


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